Common issues

Location unavailable

If ED ToolBox doesn't show your current location:

Go to the INI-editor, locate the log_dir variable. Open that folder. If there are no netLog files there or the latest netLog files don't contain your current location (lines starting with "System:" after the timestamp), that means that:

a) The path is wrong. Fix: locate the correct folder and change the value of the variable.
b) VerboseLogging isn't on (it needs to be turned on after every Elite Dangerous upgrade) Fix: follow the instructions in Download to turn it back on.
c) You haven't actually entered a system since turning VerboseLogging (back) on. Fix: play the game!

Could not execute menu item


If you get a Could not execute menu item error when trying to launch ED ToolBox, the path to your web browser executable is probably wrong. Fix: Re-install ED ToolBox and make sure to provide a valid path to your browser or manually edit the edtbmanager.ini file (in the main installation folder, line 43-ish).

Can't get API information

First thing you should do is go to the Connect Companion API page. If you see a notice that says the API is already connected, hit the refresh button and do a hard refresh of your browser (CTRL+F5).

If you don't see that notice, possible other reasons why you don't see information from the FD API:

  • You've only bought Elite Dangerous after Horizons. Fix: none at the moment
  • Something went wrong when you connected first time. Fix: connect again
  • You are one of the people for whom the API just doesn't work. Fix: none, it's not properly supported by FD.