Key features of ED ToolBox

Real time system and station data based on your in-game location

  • The data is downloaded to the user's system from EDTB server, which in turn gets its data from EDDBext.
  • By connecting to the FD API from the Settings panel, you also get real-time information about (Note: The official FD API is bugged and only works for commanders who owned ED before Horizons):
    • Current balance
    • Ranks
    • Ship status (health, fuel and cargo)

General & System specific captain's log

  • Write down observations and other information or make a voice log.

System Map

  • Map bodies in a system and get approximate value of system in Universal Cartographics. Also available online.

Two maps

  • Galaxy map which shows where you've been (using the ED3D Glaxy Mapext plugin)
  • A dynamically updating "Neighborhood Map", which shows points of interest etc. near to you.

Add Points of Interest and Bookmark systems

  • Visited a cool system? Bookmark it! 

Find nearest system/station

  • Find nearest systems and stations by allegiance, power, or what modules or ships they are selling.
  • For example, find the nearest Li Yong-Rui system that sells the Anaconda to take advantage of the 15 % discount.

Screenshot gallery

  • Screenshots can be automatically converted to jpg and categorized by the system they were taken in.
  • Option to upload to Imgur straight from ED ToolBox.

VoiceAttack module: Meet Marvin, the foul mouthed ship computer

  • Get information about the system you're currently in
  • Find out where the nearest station is
  • GalNet articles with voice commands.
  • Disclaimer: Marvin really hates the Federation, so don't have any little kids or stuck up adults around when you're in Federation space
  • + much more
  • A quick example of Marvin on YouTubeext

A notepad for taking some quick notes

  • For example to write down mission directives, kill orders etc.

Custom database tables

  • You can add custom tables to the database and use the Data Point page to collect any kind of information imaginable during your escapades in the galaxy.

Other features

  • Read latest GalNet news.
  • Calculate distances.