What is ED ToolBox?

EDTBED ToolBox is a companion app for Elite DangerousextED ToolBox is web app that runs on the user's computer, allowing a virtually real-time updating of location based data. ED ToolBox has features such as a captain's log, maps of visited systems, bookmarks, etc. See Features for a full list of features.

The ED ToolBox installer sets up a basic web server (Apache, MySQL and PHP) on the user's computer and installs a simple manager to easily control the server. EDTB will be accessed trough the user's web browser.

The best way to enjoy ED ToolBox is to run Elite Dangerous in borderless window mode and have a second monitor for ED ToolBox so you can see information at a glance and interact with ED ToolBox easily. Run ED ToolBox  in full screen mode (press F11) for maximum coolness. You can even access ED ToolBox from a secondary device such as a laptop, smart phone or tablet as long as it's in the same local network.

Some useful tips on how to use ED ToolBox can be found on the Tips & Tricks page.