Accessing ED ToolBox from secondary devices


You can access your ED ToolBox from any device in your local network. In order to access your ED ToolBox from a device other than the one the software is running on, you need to do two things:

  1. Figure out your local network IP address
  2. Configure your firewall to allow connections for edtbmanager.exe and open port 3001

Locating your IP address

  • On the machine running the software, Press the Windows key, type cmd, press Enter
  • Type ipconfig, then press Enter
  • Something like this will appear:
  • The highlighted part is what we're interested in. Write it down.

Configuring the firewall 

Note: This only applies to the default Windows firewall. If you use some other firewall, your configuration will be different.

  • Press the Windows key, type Windows firewall and choose Windows Firewall With Advanced Security
  • Choose the Inbound Rules tab and click New Rule...
  • Use the wizard to a add a rule to allow a program (edtbmanager.exe) and port (3001) to connect. All the other values can be left for their default values.

Accessing ED ToolBox

If you've completed the above steps succesfully, you should now be able to access your ED ToolBox from any device on your local network by typing the IP address and port to the browser on your device, for example: