ED ToolBox v. 1.0.0 released


  • Station and System data is now automatically updated daily (manual option remains for debugging purposes)
  • Optional FD API integration (Note: The official FD API is bugged and only works for commanders who owned ED before Horizons)
    • Get current balance and ranks
    • Ship info (health, fuel, cargo)
    • Stored ships
  • Improvements to Marvin:
    • Get currently playing song (thanks Travis @GitHub)
    • Get current system name only (thanks Travis @GitHub)
    • Get specific data from current system (allegiance, government type etc)
    • Get distances to systems (for example you can use VoiceAttack's dictation mode to ask Marvin to calculate distance to system X)
    • Get current balance, ranks or ship info (if connected to FD API)
  • Data Point entries can now be sorted by distance
  • Log entries are now sortable
  • Lots of under the hood improvements, for example most of the configuration is now in a database rather than the .ini file
  • Lots of minor improvements and bug fixes from the Frontier Forums and Github
  • User settings are now stored mostly in the database rather than the ini file
  • Execute SQL queries from EDTB
  • A new installer that hopefully fixes the bug where some people were unable to install
  • A shed-load of other bug fixes and little improvements

Download here