Tips & Tricks


Importing old netLog files

Exporting flight logs to

  • Open the ED ToolBox Settings page
  • Under the EDSM Export tab
    • Set EDSM API key to your EDSM API key
    • Set CMDR Name to your EDSM commander name
    • Set EDSM Export to Yes
    • Click Submit Changes

Accessing the VoiceAttack module

You can download a sample VoiceAttack profile here or follow these insctructions to make your own:

In VoiceAttack, set the following urls as variables (click here for a guide if you don't know how to do that):

System/station urls
  • Information about current system: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/SystemData.php?sys
  • The following url's provide information about the current system or "None" if the information is not available
    • Population: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/SystemData.php?cSys=population
    • Allegiance: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/SystemData.php?cSys=allegiance
    • Economy: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/SystemData.php?cSys=economy
    • Government: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/SystemData.php?cSys=government
    • Ruling faction: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/SystemData.php?cSys=ruling_faction
    • State: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/SystemData.php?cSys=state
    • Security: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/SystemData.php?cSys=security
    • Power: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/SystemData.php?cSys=power
    • Power state: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/SystemData.php?cSys=power_state
  • Information about nearest station: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/SystemData.php?cs
  • Current system name: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/SystemData.php?sys_short
  • Distance to X: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/SystemData.php?dist=SYSTEM_NAME
GalNet urls
  • Check for new GalNet articles: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/GalnetData.php
  • Four latest GalNet articles are in:
    • http://localhost:3001/Marvin/galnet1.txt
    • http://localhost:3001/Marvin/galnet2.txt
    • http://localhost:3001/Marvin/galnet3.txt
    • http://localhost:3001/Marvin/galnet4.txt
API urls

These require the FD API to be connected in order to work. (Note: The official FD API is bugged and only works for commanders who owned ED before Horizons).

  • Current balance: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/apiData.php?cmdr=balance
  • Rank: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/apiData.php?cmdr=rank&of=X (where X is empire, federation, explore, trade, combat or cqc)
  • Ship 
    • Name: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/apiData.php?ship=name
    • Health: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/apiData.php?ship=health
    • Fuel level: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/apiData.php?ship=fuel
    • Cargo capacity: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/apiData.php?ship=cargo_capacity
    • Cargo used: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/apiData.php?ship=cargo_used
    • Ship value: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/apiData.php?ship=value
  • Random quote/thought: http://localhost:3001/Marvin/SystemData.php?rm

Accessing the Database

  • In order to access the database and create tables, you need to open the Database Management page and log in
  • Log in details:
    • Username: root
    • Password is randomly generated during install, you can find it in the data/ file.

Accessing ED ToolBox from secondary devices

Changing the screenshot directory

  • As of ED ToolBox version 1.2.1 it's possible to change the location where the converted screenshots are stored.
  1. ​Close the ED ToolBox tray manager if it's on
  2. ​Open the bin\apache\conf\httpd.conf file in Notepad
    • Locate the line that looks like (around line 247):
      • DocumentRoot "PATH_TO_EDTB"
    • Below that will be a block that looks something like this (The IP addresses may be different):
      • <Directory "PATH_TO_EDTB">
            Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
            AllowOverride All
            Require local
            Require ip 172.16
            Require ip 10.0.0
            Require ip 10.10.0
            Require ip 200.200.200
            Require ip 10.1.10
            Require ip 192.168
      • Copy it to your clipboard
  3. Open the bin\apache\conf\user.conf file in Notepad (it's empty by default)
    • At the start of the file, past the contents of your clipboard and change PATH_TO_EDTB to the path where you want your screenshots stored
    • After that, add the following line:
      • Alias "/screenshots" "PATH"
      • Where PATH is the path to where you want your new screenshots stored, example:
        • Alias "/screenshots" "D:\Screenshots"
    • Here's an example of what the user.conf file should look like
  4. Open data\edtoolbox_v1.ini in Notepad
    • Add or edit the following line at the end of the file:
      • new_screendir="PATH"
      • Where PATH is the path to where you want your new screenshots stored, example:
        • new_screendir="D:\Screenshots"
  5. If you have previously saved screenshots in the EDTB/screenshot directory, cut+paste all the contents of that directory to the new screenshot directory (Note: the screenshots taken previously may appear in a different order in the Gallery after this operation)
  6. Start ED ToolBox and see if it worked